Getting Started with Curb Appeal

You can’t enhance anything until you have a clean slate. So mow the lawn, get rid of the weeds, rake up and dispose of any leaves, edge the sidewalks and remove the grass growing between concrete seams and brick pavers. Prune the trees — especially the ones near or touching the roof — and add a layer of dark, natural mulch to any flower beds or under trees. If this seems like a lot of work give us a call and talk with us about our landscape renovation services.

Now that you can see the down and dirty parts of your yard it’s time to do some evaluating. Look around your lawn for bald spots due to drought or high traffic and measure them. Once measured a small square of sod might be all it takes to get your lawn back to it’s ideal look.

One trick you might want to try is to take a photo of your yard from the street in black and white. The gray scale colors will help you find where things are needed so your lawn doesn’t have a empty feel.

For more tips and tricks about how to add curb appeal to your home give us a call at 678-947-9862


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