Planning your fall garden

Fall will soon be upon us. It’s one of the best times of year to plant shrubs and trees even though we do most of our plant shopping in early spring. Don’t miss out on beautiful foilage displays like a Japanese Maple or the fruit set on pyracantha. There are also alot of fall flowers to provide wonderful color and beauty for the fall. Plant some asters,mums, and pansies to give your yard that beautiful burst of color. Asters and mums, or chryysanthemums, are perennials that will return and bloom each year. Pansies bloom long into winter and again in early spring about the time your bulbs are pushing up. Some non-traditional alternatives that are a real treat are ornamental cabbages and kales. Ornamental peppers are bright and you can always harvest the peppers to add to your favorite recipe. If your garden is shady, try Japanese anemone. Ornamental grasses are good for full sun areas, mingle them among the asters.


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