Drainage problems? We offer solutions.

Do you have large pools or puddles of standing water on your property? Are you replacing soil and grass that have eroded during a heavy storm? Then you have a drainage issue.
Every year, backyards turn into lakes causing expensive repairs to patios, pools, and lawns. This can negatively impact your property value as well. Any number of issues can be the culprit, heavy rains, underground springs, high water tables, sprinkler systems, or improper grading around your foundation. Excess water on your lawn will cause mold and kill the grass making that part of your lawn unusable. It is also unsitely and a breeding ground for insects which pose a possible health risks. Also, depending on where the water is gathering, it can cause cracking or sinking of your walkways, driveway, deck, or porch by washing out the soil from beneath.
Due to land value, homes are built close together, often creating flat yards that inhibit proper drainage. If water is left to collect too close to the foundation, leaky or damp basements are often the result. This can cause mold, rotting wood and actully comprise the structural integrity of your home’s foundation.
A good gutter system can collect and divert rainwater from your home, but you could still have drainage problems if it is not taking the water at least 3 feet from your foundation. Adding drainage pipe to the downspouts to run away from the house to an area that can absorb the extra water is a good fix. Another is to consider connecting a rainbarrel to collect the runoff to use for watering nearby plants. You can also consider landscaping with plants that absorb lots of water to help soak up some of the access. For example, winterberry holly or inkberry holly. Not only do they look good, but they attract songbirds and the berries feed them. But the best way to solve home drainage problems is to install a drain or french drain with open pipe and rock to absorb the extra moisture on your property. There are a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to chose from that will blend in with your landscaping so they are hardly noticed. The decision as to where they should be placed is best left to a landscaping expert. We offer a complete, no-cost inspection by our trained field expert to make the right recommendation for your home. So what are you waiting for? Call today.


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