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Drainage problems? We offer solutions.

Do you have large pools or puddles of standing water on your property? Are you replacing soil and grass that have eroded during a heavy storm? Then you have a drainage issue.
Every year, backyards turn into lakes causing expensive repairs to patios, pools, and lawns. This can negatively impact your property value as well. Any [...]

Deer Resistant Plants

Are those beautiful but pasky creatures eating your garden? As we grow and expand our city limits, encounterig deer and other wildlife is becoming more common. If the leaf is torn rather appearing to be clean cut, deer are the likely culprit because they do not have upper front teeth. Otherwise, other wildlife such as [...]

Planning your fall garden

Fall will soon be upon us. It’s one of the best times of year to plant shrubs and trees even though we do most of our plant shopping in early spring. Don’t miss out on beautiful foilage displays like a Japanese Maple or the fruit set on pyracantha. There are also alot of fall flowers [...]

Landscaping Photo of the Week – provided by Flickr

What a great photo of the proper placement of this Oak. Notice how it creates shade for the landscape and the home.

photo provided by: Photomike07’s PhotoStream

Xeriscaping. What is it?

Save money, conserve water and prevent water pollution! Unlike traditional gardening practices, xeriscaping teaches you how to landscape your yard so that it requires little to no water.
Xeriscaping starts by using plants that are appropriate to the local climate and zone types. Next you strategically plant your flowers, bushes and trees so that water run-off [...]

Getting Started with Curb Appeal

You can’t enhance anything until you have a clean slate. So mow the lawn, get rid of the weeds, rake up and dispose of any leaves, edge the sidewalks and remove the grass growing between concrete seams and brick pavers. Prune the trees — especially the ones near or touching the roof — and add [...]

Taking Care of Petunias

Petunias come in all colors, shapes and sizes. They can be planted in full or partial sun and require plenty of water. You can keep your flowers blooming by just pulling the dried flowers off and letting another flower come up later.  When the plant dies it has seeds in a pod that drop onto [...]