Sod is just not simple grass anymore. Todays sods are engineered at top universities across the country to meet the needs of home owners in certain climates with particular needs. Choosing the right sod is a very crucial part in building your beautiful landscape because it will provide the most cover.

What types of sods can I choose from?

Bermuda – Bermuda is the most popular selection for lawns in the southeastern states mainly due to its resistance to high levels of heat and drought resistance. Bermuda will provide a deep green turf through-out the summer and handles foot traffic well.

Fescue – Commonly knows as Tall Fescue and loved for its ability to stay green year round this general purpose grass loves shaded areas. Fescue also has a very high tolerance for drought like conditions and high traffic which makes it perfect anywhere in the southeast.

Zoysia – Zoysia is a beautiful sod that adapts well to a wide variety of soils, has good wear resistance and provides an extremely dense sod that reduces weed invasion. Zoysia is a dormant sod in cold weather and are commonly overseeded with ryegrass to maintain green winter color.

Centipede – Centipede is a cold hardy, deep rooting and drought tolerant sod. Centipede maintains excellent color retention during the fall and winter months. This sod also works well in shaded areas.

St. Augustine – This sod is a very fast growing and warm season turf grass. Most St. Augustine sods grow well in well-drained soil with a wide PH range. St. Augustines are generally a very coarse sod and have poor wear tolerance.

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